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Mediation is voluntary and consensual process through which parties with adverse interest seek to find a mutually acceptable resolution by utilizing an independent and unbiased third party as a mediator. By its nature, mediation is typically unstructured and informal. Mediation gives the parties themselves the ability to voluntarily determine the ultimate resolution of their dispute.

The mediator seeks to bring the parties to this solution by serving as a facilitator, a communicator, an educator, a resource expander, a reality testor, a devil’s advocate, a guardian of details, a sounding board, and/or a reconciliatory agent. The mediator’s success in each case is based on his skill in identifying the separate needs of each of the parties to the dispute, and then serving in the role or roles needed to keep the dispute resolution process moving toward an agreed to resolution. To achieve these goals, the mediator must be an active and aggressive party to the mediation while maintaining a strictly impartial and neutral position in the case. The mediator must also always keep uppermost in mind that the mediator does not represent either party, and that the party’s attorney is the only source of counsel and of legal advice for that party.

Mediation offers the parties to a dispute a number of distinct advantages over other methods of dispute resolution. It is private. It is confidential, and the mediator will never divulge confidential information to the opposing party or others. It is less expensive and less time consuming than other methods of dispute resolution. It can be held in a location that is convenient for the parties, and in a relaxed environment. It avoids some of the stress and anxiety of a trial. It gives the parties a chance to have a decision-making role in the outcome of the case. It avoids the “winner-take-all” decision which is often the result of a trial.

Successful mediation requires that the mediator have special skills, experience, training, and personality. Mr. Segraves has all of those skills, and is adept at applying them to difficult and complex disputes. As an attorney with over 30 years of legal experience, he has first hand knowledge of the litigation process, and he understands and is able to deal with clients of diverse backgrounds, personalities, needs, and interest.

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We have the knowledge, experience and skill to assist you in dealing with the process of obtaining the best available settlement at mediation in your Business Law, Contract Law, Construction Law, Divorce, Personal Injury, Real Estate Law, Workers’ Compensation and other dispute or case. We are available to serve as a mediator in cases, claims or disputed matters throughout North Georgia including Atlanta, Marietta, Kennesaw, Johns Creek, Cobb County, Cherokee County, Bartow County, Floyd County, Paulding County, Fulton County and Forsyth County. Contact us today to discuss your situation and the benefits you are be entitled to receive.

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