Georgia Workers’ Compensation – Income Benefits: Income benefits available to injured workers in Georgia. When benefits are payable. What benefits are payable.


Income Benefits: What income benefits am I entitled to? Income Benefits

•· Income Benefits. There are a number of types of income benefits which may be available to you. These include:

•o Temporary Total Disability income benefits. When you are unable to work at all, then you are entitled to these benefits. The benefits payable to you is equal to 2/3’s of your average weekly wage up to a maximum payment to you of $525.00 per week for injuries occurring after June 30, 2013. The maximum period of time that these benefits are payable for is 400 weeks from the date of the injury.

•o Temporary Partial Disability income benefits. If you are able to do some work, but earn less than you were making, then you may be entitled to receive income benefits to partially offset the loss of income. The benefits are payable to a maximum of $350.00 per week for injuries occurring after June 30, 2013.  The a maximum period of time these benefits are payable is 350 weeks from the date of the injury.

•o Permanent Partial Disability. These benefits are paid if and only if you should have some permanent but partial disability, and are generally only paid after other benefits have been paid. The benefits are based on rating of disability by your physician or on benefits provided under a schedule of injuries.

Catastrophic Injury Benefits: What are catastrophic injury benefits?

•· Catastrophic Injury Benefits. Certain severe injuries which result in a permanent loss of your ability to earn a living, and are classified as “catastrophic injuries” under Georgia Workers’ Compensation laws. These injuries may include blindness, severe burns, an amputation of a limb, foot or hand, brain damage, severe spinal cord injury and other severe debilitating injuries. If an injury is accepted or designated as a catastrophic injury, then the employer is required to provide rehabilitation services to restore maximum physical function, and to restore the employee to suitable employment if possible. These services can include modifications to a residence or to a vehicle to provide the employee with reasonable access or use. Income benefits payment can extend beyond the weekly limitations normally available to the injured employee.

Death Benefits: What benefits are available when an employee dies of work related injuries?

•· Death Benefits. The dependent(s) of a worker who dies as a result of a job related injury or disease is entitled to benefits. These include the reasonable expenses of the employee’s last sickness; burial expenses and weekly dependency benefits.

When are income benefits first paid? Payment of Income Benefits

•· First Payment of Income Benefits: Unless the claim of injury is controverted by the employer/insurer, the first payment of income benefits shall become due on the twenty-first day after the employer has knowledge of the injury or death, on which day all income benefits then due shall be paid.

•· Subsequent Payments of Income Benefits: Thereafter, income benefits shall be due and payable in weekly installments; provided, however, that the board may, in its discretion, authorize payments to be made in different installments if it determines that this would be beneficial to all parties concerned.


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